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See-LEVEL is a world-first Virtual Reality patented system for fast
seasickness relief with no side effects
Our Story 

See-LEVEL is a new, fast, effective, and patented solution for seasickness designed in New Zealand. 

The quest to find a solution to a skipper's seasickness has been a project spanning many years.

Extensive research has been undertaken into the causes of seasickness and it's symptoms.  Recent technology advances with portable Virtual Reality (VR) have become available since the project kicked off in 2017.
"See-LEVEL is a non-medical solution that reverses the

symptoms of seasickness, fast, while you are still at sea"

After many painstaking months of investigation and trials, a breakthrough was found.

 The missing part of the puzzle was how to integrate the vessel's unique movement characteristics into the VR. Another year of research, testing, and improvements resulted in our flagship companion to the See-LEVEL VR; The SLDC. The SLDC is tuned to your vessel and streams data to the headsets.
"Using See-LEVEL VR we train your mind into accepting the vessel movements."

Our Mission

'Use technology to alleviate the symptoms of seasickness'

Our Vision

'Enabling the wonders of sea travel to be a pleasurable experience.'


See–LEVEL is the brainchild of Dudley Jackson, a man who’s budding career as a commercial skipper was blighted by seasickness.

Having been grounded by his seasickness, Dudley took up a career as an IT engineer and fed his passion for being on the ocean by running a sailing school in his spare time.

Driven by his desire to spend longer at sea and help others struck by the same debilitating illness, Dudley combined his IT skills and his sailing experience to create See-LEVEL.

'With Virtual Reality becoming portable, Jackson had an idea that if Virtual Reality can cause motion sickness maybe it could take it away?

After hundreds of hours of research and development; the answer is a firm YES – we can!


 See-LEVEL Milestones

"See-LEVEL gave me a break from my sea sickness when nothing else would, and allowed me to focus instead on enjoying myself. The team have also been so willing to adapt to feedback and have therefore been able to improve an already great design. It is well worth giving it the time." - Rachael Foote

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