See-LEVEL - Navigator Edition

See-LEVEL is a world-first Virtual Reality patented system for seasickness relief created in New Zealand.

See-LEVEL “Navigator Edition” designed for larger commercial vessels.  The standard package is with 2 headsets but has the capability to support up to 50 headsets. It can be supplied as a Plug & Play or ready to be wired into the ships switchboard.  The “Navigator Edition” has the ability to talk to the See-LEVEL Lab when in port and be fine-tuned for the unique movements of the vessel in question.

The See-LEVEL “Navigator Edition” Kit comprises of:

  • A large SLDC case with an integrated Wi-Fi router

  • Robust Waterproof Case

  • 2 See-LEVEL MVR headsets 4k screen

  • Sun Protector for each headset

  • Dual USB Charger with leads

  • SLDC Mounting Kit

  • USB multi-charger with a figure 8 mains lead (that can be swapped for any country)

  • SLDC computer ** integrated powerful 4G Wi-Fi Router for up to 50 headsets, has 3 external aerials**

  • Multi USB Charger with leads

  • SLDC power supply for 110- 240vac 

  • Large A2 instruction sheet x1 (single-sided Duraprint plastic paper)

  • A4 Health and safety / Troubleshooting / Instructions sheet 

  • A5 fold-out quick start guide x1 (flexible Duraprint plastic paper)

Additional info:

  • The SLDC supports up to 50 headsets

  • Software is pre-configured for a cross-section of vessels

  • Wi-Fi has an approximate 25m radius 

  • Operates on the 2.4ghz standard Wi-Fi channels

  • Incorporates a powerful Wi-Fi router

Options available:

  • Additional SLDC for additional decks

Software subscription & support package  (TBA if this is charged separately) 

  • A monthly subscription to a tailored solution

  • Updates (when connected to the internet) when released


1-year return to supplier warranty 


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New Zealand

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